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Wellcome to Israel!

Whether you are a frequent visitor to Israel, or a sightseer who hasn't quite made it here (yet), our friendly tour guides, will be delighted to show you throughout the country. "Cactus tours" is your contact in Israel, we are here to make the trip of your dreams to come true.

All our tour guides are licensed and experienced in conducting tours in a wide selection of languages, driving by luxury cars or cross-country jeeps.

You have the opportunity to experience Israel's adventures: jeep safaris, Bedouin tents, paragliding, rock climbing, repelling, horseback riding, bicycles, hiking routes, challenge parks, camel and donkey rides, wet adventures and water sports; rafting, kayaks, wet trips, mineral pools and a lot more.

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Visit Israel - Organized tour to Israel - 14 days

The tour includes: direct flights from & to NY, all transportation, all entrance fees, English speaking guide, half board, accommodation.

Visit at: Mount Carmel, Accre, Tiberias, Safed, Golan Heights, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Tel Aviv.

Special gifts and attractions

Give away an exciting experience that will never be forgotten: skydiving, scuba diving, flying, horseback riding, yacht sailing and many other ideas.

Sightseeing trips and

fun days

We can offer activities such as: holly places visit, off road jeep trips, "inside story" visits, moonlight trips, hiking, mountain biking, sailing days etc.


We will carry out complete range of arrangements related to creation of family events, outdoor\indoor celebrations, birthdays, Bar-Mitzvah, business communication, summit conferences, Bar-B-Q and wedding parties.

Recreation, holidays

 and weekends

In Israel and worldwide, we will help you to plan and organize all aspects of your relaxation as well as vigorous vacation.

Company events and

team building activities.

Our experienced staff uses feedback from our numerous customers to develop imaginative solutions for the traveler and for the company Human Resources.

Team building, incentive and leadership development

The team will carry on various tasks building, camaraderie and teamwork. It is not, to win the game but also to everyday vitality at workplace.


Join free and we will send you updates about the club activities: family trips, adventure and survival journeys, weekends, parties and many more.

For feedbacks and more info call our office: +972-(0)9-9541112 or contact
us by E-mail: info@cactustours.co.il .


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