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Gifts of Challenge and Experience


Detailed information

You fly the airplane

Who hasn't dreamt of being a pilot? You fly the two-seater airplane by yourself.  An amazing gift for the one who loves to be up in the sky.

Fly with your friends

See Israel in a way you have never seen before. You can have the ultimate experience with 3 or 5 friends or family. Take them in an airplane and have a party up in the sky.

Tandem Motor Paragliding flight

Whether you want a relaxing scenic flight or an adrenalin pumping joy ride let your pilot know what you desire and we will design the flight to suit your needs.

Tandem Paragliding flight

A wonderful way to get a taste of a real flight. Relax and enjoy this breathtaking experience of free flying, with a birds-eye view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Tandem Parachuting

For those who love extreme, take a parachute jump. This is an unforgettable experience. Feel weightless in the sky and see Israel as no one else sees …

Scuba Introductory dive and diving courses

Enjoy the experience of the amazing world of the sea with the introductory dive or get a worldwide recognized diving license.

Have an event on a Yacht

Have an amazing adventure on a yacht. A special day - romantic, relaxing or extreme, party or birthday, or any other event in the blue sea.

Be a skipper for one day

You are the skipper on a yacht. Learn from our experienced instructors. Up to 5 people - you are on a steering-wheel of a yacht through the waters of Israel.

Spa at your home

Do you want to surprise someone with something really special? Have a professional masseur at your house. The only thing left to do is to lie down and relax...

A personal Mystique book Numerology

Have your past, present and future written in a Numerology book. This is the most personal gift that you can give. Your fortune is written, only you can change it.

Horseback Riding trips

In the most beautiful environment of the golden beaches, enjoy the excitement of horseback riding in a group or a private trip.

ATV Trips

Get wild with an ATV in nature. A breathtaking, extreme driving experience in a sandy mountainous environment along the Alexander river and the coastline.

Rappelling and Mountain Hiking

An exciting and new way to explore the beautiful Israel. Extreme trips all over Israel, no previous experience required.

Jeep Trips

Get off the road and see things that are inaccessible any other way. See the desert or the mountains with our experienced drivers and tour guides.

White water Rafting

Experience the white water rafting or a kayak sailing in the Jordan river, along the beautiful scenery of the Golan Heights and the Hula Valley.

A day in the Spa

Get spoiled with a full treatment in a luxurious spa. Have a great massage treatment, sauna, Jacuzzi and a swimming pool, and then relax with a cup of tea or breakfast.





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Tel: 972-(0)9-9541112   Email: